San Diego: If it sounds too good to be true…

Save Maine Schools

On Wednesday, San Diego Unified School District announced that it was “slashing standardized testing to focus on student well-being and achievement.”

Prominent education activist and blogger Diane Ravitch shared the news on her website, and word quickly traveled around the web. Education activists and opt-out advocates around the country celebrated with likes and shares and smiling emoticons.

Unfortunately, as is becoming all too common in the battle to save our schools, the celebration was premature.

First – San Diego Unified isn’t actually doing away with “high-stakes” standardized testing. According to its website, San Diego Unified will continue to administer the Smarter Balanced Assessment. Any tests that that the district plans to do away with are those selected and administered by San Diego Unified for its own purposes.

The deception of San Diego’s story, however, goes much deeper.

A closer look at San Diego Unified’s agenda reveals that instead of shedding…

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I am a public school teacher who cares deeply about education
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