It has come to the attention of many of us today that the NEA Board of Directors plans on voting to early endorse Hillary Clinton, before the primary. When the AFT did this, there was outrage among members of AFT as well as NEA. Have they learned nothing from that? There was even a New Business Item at the NEA-RA that was about early endorsing. Is NEA listening?

Not only does early endorsing a candidate- who many members do NOT want- hurt the democracy of the organization, but with Friedrich’s case it weakens our union. We are only strong when we work TOGETHER. Many teachers have expressed to me that they are considering cancelling their union memberships if this early endorsement goes through. I don’t agree with doing this, but I completely understand why they feel the need to consider this. WE are the union. The Board of Directors needs to listen to the MEMBERS, not the other way around. They were elected to represent US. Speak up and MAKE your voice heard. Find out who your Board of Directors in your state are and contact them! Many of us in California have already done this. Below is a list of emails of California Board of Directors you can email with your concerns. I encourage you to find out who your state board members are, and email them now!

Emails of CA Board of Directors:

“Goldberg, David” <dgoldberg@cta.org>,
Theresa Montano <tmontano@cta.org>,
“Mr. Bonaccorsi” <hopkins_mr_b@yahoo.com>,
“maruk@cox.net” <maruk@cox.net>,
Karen Schuett <sschuett@bak.rr.com>,
“thedor@pacific.net” <thedor@pacific.net>,
Tracy Taylor <tracylee88@verizon.net>,
“Ellis, Robert” <r-ellis@juno.com>,
Kenneth Tang <3puttskenny@gmail.com>,
Erika Jones <ERILYJ@aol.com>


About Heather Poland (ateachersperspective)

I am a public school teacher who cares deeply about education
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2 Responses to #NoEarlyEndorsementNEA

  1. lrkf says:

    I’m confused. How exactly has it “come to the attention” and of whom? The NEA can’t endorse until its legislative body meets again, which won’t be until RA 2016. I’m very interested in the democratic process, but I’m not at all interested in gossip. What does this information come from?


  2. Marie says:

    John Stocks was at my state (NJ) DA meeting during which a PAC meeting was called. There was quite a lot of discussion and ultimately, we voted No.


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