4th Grade Bellevue, WA Teacher Objects to Administering Smarter Balanced Test

Teachers' Letters of Professional Conscience

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 Linda Myrick, a 4th grade teacher in Bellevue, WA  – and a member of the Washington Badass Teachers Association  – objected to the administration of Smarter Balanced Assessments before the Bellevue School Board.

As teachers, we stood with Linda in solidarity.  Several parents and teachers who were at the meeting approached Linda afterwards and told her they agree with every word she said.

You may see her speech here.

Good afternoon, members of the board, Dr. Mills.

Yesterday was the birthday of the truly inimitable Dr. Seuss. So, today, in his honor, I’ll try a feeble imitation:

I am the Lorax.
I speak for the kids.
They love coming to school.
But we’ve hit the skids.
I love my job, but not the test.

That makes it hard to do what I think best.

I’m Linda Myrick, fourth grade teacher at Somerset Elementary, here to express my…

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